Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zoola on the farm

Today I planted a dead tree. A black locust, to be specific. I planted it with the rest of the farm staff here at Eden Village to be the central post in our farm zoola. What's a zoola, you may be wondering. Imagine a hot day on the farm, your morning spent harvesting summer squash, watering your seedlings, and laying out some new beds. The sun is shining down on your red neck, and the sweat is dripping off your nose. It's time for a break. So you head into our zoola, and kick it on the hammock for a bit. You sip some ice tea, and maybe play a game of shesh-besh (backgammon) before getting back to work. Our zoola is a chill spot, a place to get horizontal after a morning of being vertical in the hot sun. It's shaded, yet allows for vistas of our farm. It's covered, but will also let a little rain in, to keep us honest. We still have some more setting up to do to make it complete. The campers arrive tomorrow, and we're all pretty sure they're going to dig it.

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