Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Veggie Garden Update

Things are coming along really well so far with my veggies.
There's been some really hot days, where I've had to water more than usual, some rainy days that have let me take a couple days off, and some days that are absolutely perfect.
The salad greens are coming up nicely and should be ready to eat in the next couple weeks.  I'm going to throw down a bunch more seed - really saturate the soil with it, so they come up in a nice big tangle of fresh goodness.

The tomatoes are shooting up, what with all the sun and rain.  It seems that some are growing a lot faster than others - not sure if it's because they come from different sources, or that they are getting different amounts of sunlight.

The green peppers are starting to flower, and the tiniest peppers are just starting to show.  They take a couple months before they're big enough, so it's definitely some delayed gratification.

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