Friday, June 4, 2010

Beautify your street - easy, cheap and the neighbors love it!

It had always bugged me that the little patch of dirt around the tree in front of our apartment seemed to attract all sorts of nastiness.  It was an ashtray, doggy toilet, garbage can - just plain ugly, if you get my drift.
I figured that I could add a little good soil that I had around after setting up my veggie garden, add a cheap little fence to it, and plant a few flowers.  There's nothing like putting some flowers in the ground to stop people from dirty-ing up a couple square feet.
Here's what it looked like after I dug it up and added some soil.

Then, I hit up my local garden store and picked up a few flats of begonias for about $15 total - really not a bad price for a little loveliness every time I walk outside.  So after no more than an hour and no more than $25, I had this nice little space.

This was a couple weeks ago now, so it's started to grow in a good amount.  Here's how it's looking today.

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