Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Family Shamrock

Family legend has it that the shamrock in my parents house is a descendant of a plant they had over 30 years ago.  They gave a cutting to a friend, and, years later, after their original plant had passed on, got a cutting from the friend.  This means that they've effectively had the same plant for a really, really long time!
Over the number of years, I've gone through a bunch of versions of this plant. Some have been lost to neglect, some to bad treatment, and others to....other forms of neglect.  Luckily, I always am able to take a cutting when I go home.  I picked up the most recent one a few weeks ago, when I went home for a visit.  It was a sickly looking plant, but my dad said he was pretty sure it would come back to life with lots of sunlight and constant wetness.
I'm happy to say that in the last few days, some small sprouts have started to peek their heads above the soil, and it does indeed look like, at least for a short while, the family shamrock will live on.
Here's a photo of it in it's current state.  Those long tendrils are the old growth, and you see those bright green leaves starting to grow.

I"ll keep you posted!

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