Friday, August 13, 2010

Tall Tale: A Plant Story 40 Flights Up - Part 3

Well, dear readers, I guess you didn't wish my plants enough luck because I've had to start over with a whole new set of plants.  
That's right.  
I fought the bug infestation and lost.  Remember how I mentioned that the dish soap/spray bottle concoction had killed the first type of bugs, the crawly ones?  Well, it proved powerless over the little flying bugs.  They would fly around all day and make me crazy.  Mostly, they would fly from one end of my office to the window end, where I guess they liked to go to die, because in the morning when I would come to the office my windowsill would be covered with little dead bugs.  Then, when I would go to dutifully spray my plants with the dish soap, I would notice that the soil from the Chinese Evergreen plant would be swarming with those little things.  I solicited the help of one of the secretaries who sits outside my office, who suggested that I upgrade the dish soap to something a little stronger -- alcohol.  And also, she noted, my Benjamin fig tree looked like it was dying.  That it did.  Its leaves were yellowing and every day more leaves would fall, leaving (ha) a sad little pile on the gray carpet.  
So you know what?  
Enough was enough.  I caved and called Richard.  This was on a Thursday.  Monday morning, Richard came and delivered a whole new set of plants to my office, so now I have three new plants that I intend to care for deeply.  I swear the fiasco with the others wasn't my fault....I was watering and giving sun and nurturing like only a pregnant woman can. 

But anyway, the good news is that now I have three plants!  And if Nakamura is to be believed (which he is) then three is a much luckier number than two.

Plant 1

Plant 2

Plant 3

Don't they just look gorgeous!

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